Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Few Unique Ideas On Creating The Ideal Beach Decor


People often think that creating a coastal feel in their home is going to be too expensive to achieve. Think again. The stores today have wonderful items at a fraction of the costs due to the economy. These ideas will inspire you to not be afraid of decorating on a budget. You will turn your home into a beach bungalow before you know it.

Beach house style is never messy and never crowded. The atmosphere you want is inviting and friendly, relaxing and calming, Not frenzied or cluttered. The overall style should be crisp and clean.

The biggest tip to go by is to let nature's beauty inspire you in your design. There are so many things in nature we take for granted. Just think how lovely some seashells, beach colored walls and even palm trees placed strategically around your home would look.

Paint walls sea colors such as light corals, ocean greens, sky blues and natural colored palettes. In a bathroom you could really go for more of a deeper coral or pink to make it look amazing.

You should shy away from using window treatments if at all possible as it detracts from the light outside coming in. If you must have some coverage, go with sheer fabrics or blinds that have a coastal feel to them.

You can save on redoing or buying new furniture by making your own slip covers out of fabrics you think best suit your beach theme. If you aren't a sewing kind of person you can also find them in stores ready to go for a fraction of the cost of brand new furniture.

While out and about look for special things like starfish, beautiful shells, sea glass and more to add to your beach house hideaway. One of the best ideas for coastal decorating is to include tropical candles everywhere - even floating candles in the center of a crystal bowl surrounded by shells and pebbles would look very elegant.

Place a few stalks of bamboo around and make arrangements in corners or entryways. You can also find the perfect items to add to your design at antique malls and even local flea markets. Some of the best treasures have been found in these places.

Ideas for beach house decorating should not be confined just to the indoor areas, the outside needs to have that beach feel as well. Place nautical or beach inspired wreaths on the doors, have palm trees in planters on the porches and just do what you think says "beach" to you.

You can save even more money by making many of your own decorating items such as candle arrangements, flower arrangements, mosaics using sea glass or broken colored glass, shells, mirrors, even paintings. Let your imagination be your guide and you can't go wrong.

There are so many wonderful ideas to create the perfect coastal decor, but the thing to remember is to make sure it fits your style. Add nautical touches wherever you feel you want them and choose the design because you like it. Following these tips will help you along your way to magnificent beach house. Your friends will envy your home above all others. Good luck and happy decorating!