Tuesday, July 5, 2011

See The Beauty In Sea Glass

Colorful Sea Glass
Of the many items people look for while at the beach, sea glass happens to be a favorite of mine. I remember picking up a piece and asking my mother what it was. She said, "Glass". You can imagine my surprise. All I had ever known was that glass was sharp and not a toy. But sea glass was different, it was special.

Sea glass is made from glass items tumbling in the ocean. It's this tumbling process that makes the harsh edges smooth. A piece of glass obtains its frosty look from being hydrated and dehydrated multiple times over the years. The exact length of time to create sea glass is unknown, however experts have said it can take anywhere from 20 to 50 years.

Red Sea Glass
The colors of sea glass vary. The color is decided by the item's original origin.  Generally sea glass comes from bottles, and jars, as well as windows and plates. The most common color is clear, however green and brown are popular as well. These colors are popular because they are the colors companies used for sodas, beer, and juice bottles. Glass beverage containers were popular decades ago before plastic came on the scene. Some of the rarer colors are purple, pink, gray and the rarest of all red. These colors stem from the late 19th century and early 20th century. While there is not a significant value to sea glass, if you happen to find a piece of this color and of great age, there is a chance it may be worth something.

Sea Glass Pendant from Tears Of The Sea
While there may be no real dollar value to sea glass, it does not mean it is not worth anything. There are several ways you can use sea glass. Decorating mirrors, picture frames, tables, candles, lamps... the options are endless. My favorite is making jewelry. Sea glass is able to create beautiful pieces of jewelry that are classic and timeless. Don't worry if you aren't creative enough to make your own; there are places where you can purchase these items professionally made.

You often hear the saying "finding a diamond in the rough". I feel this saying applies to sea glass. You are able to find endless amounts of sea shells at the beach. Sea glass is not as available. It is a beautiful thing to see what nature can do to a man made object. If you are lucky to come across one of these treasures, enjoy it, for it is truly something special.