Friday, October 15, 2010

Pina Ghoulada

I am definitely in the Halloween spirit, can you tell? I found the coolest Halloween recipe for my favorite tropical drink from Martha Stewart. I'm in heaven! I'll definitely be trying this one out.

A frothy drink is tempting enough, but one served in a red-rimmed glass is particularly enticing to monsters who drink blood. Corn syrup with food coloring tinges the classic pina colada with a devilish sweetness. Dip the rim of each glass into the red mixture, spinning slowly to coat. Turn glasses upright; the red liquid will drip slightly, then set. Pour drinks, and serve. Drinkers' lips may be stained pink -- much like those of a sated vampire.

  • 3 tablespoons corn syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoons red food coloring
**(I actually think grenadine would probably work just as well for this if you're ok with the touch of cherry flavor in your drink)

  • 20 ounces pineapple juice
  • 1 can (15 ounces) cream of coconut
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 10 ounces good-quality rum

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beach Theme Halloween Party

I absolutely love autumn and everything that comes with it, including Halloween. But I also hate to leave summer behind. So I had a brainstorm today about how to incorporate my love of the beach with my love of the fall. How about hosting a "beach themed" Halloween party?

You could decorate with creepy seaweed and sea moss, a scary ghoulish pirate, and of course, bloody Jaws sharks. What's more frightening that that?

Here are some ideas I had for beachy costumes:

And even creepy tropical music:

And then of course, you can be as creative as you want when carving your jack-o-lanterns. See last year's Halloween post: Beach Theme Halloween

Just some thoughts. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Very Cool Surf Art

Some of these are truly amazing.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Planning An Adventure With A Hawaiian Vacation

If you need to get away, whether it's from work or just life, as you know it, in general, a Hawaiian vacation might be just the ticket to helping you get out of the rut you may be in. You can even take the kids. Maybe you don't have kids. If so, the thought of leaving them behind shouldn't be a problem.

There are all kinds of fun and exciting waiting for you on the islands. If you're by yourself, you are sure to meet some friendly people along the way, perhaps even make some new acquaintances. If you're bringing the whole family, the more the merrier.

The Hawaii International Airport sits on the island of Oahu. No matter what island you're planning on visiting, you will most likely have to make a stop here first. Getting off the plane, you may be surprised by the people wearing brightly colored, flowery clothes, who are putting leis around the tourists heads. This is the first of many welcoming gestures displayed by the islanders.

If this is where you plan on staying and you don't have to board another plane, you will probably want to make your way down to the north side of the island. This is where the Polynesian Cultural Center is located. A trip to Oahu can be made, not only much more fun, but also a little educational, by visiting this attraction. Inside you will find eight villages displaying the various cultures of the islands. There are many shows, some of which you are allowed to participate in. When you leave, you will leave with a bit more knowledge about the people of Hawaii and how they lived long ago.

The biggest of the islands is The Big Island. This is where Kilauea is, the planet's most active volcano. Sometimes the smell of sulfur can be a bit overwhelming when exploring the volcano, but it can add a bit excitement to the whole experience. You are reminded of where you're standing, every time you breathe.

Perhaps you want to see the island from a different point of view. If so, you may want to consider taking a helicopter tour. While soaring through the sky you'll be able to see things that you won't be able to see from the ground.

A trip to Hawaii often includes the activity of snorkeling. There is a whole new adventure waiting beneath the waves, or perhaps you'd like to learn how to surf and enjoy an adventure on top of the water. You can also catch a boat and head out to see some whales. There are so many things to do and experience, you might not be able to get to them all in one trip. Once you've encountered all the things Hawaii has to offer, you may not ever want to leave, but if you have to leave, leave knowing that your next Hawaiian vacation adventure is waiting for you in the future.

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Using Surf Bedding To Bring The Beach Into Your Home

When you are considering making over your bedroom, one of the options you might want to consider is going with a theme that reminds you of your favorite vacation destination. So, if you love the beach, you should consider giving your bedroom a makeover that recreates the environment This can be done with paint, accents, carpeting, surf bedding, and window treatments. Mimicking the beach in you bedroom will provide you with a welcoming environment where you can relax.

Before you start any other aspect of your bedroom makeover, you will need to consider your walls. The cheapest and simplest way to deal with your walls is with a fresh coat of paint. Spend some time considering the color. Some people go with a shade of blue that reminds them of their favorite ocean, others choose a pale brown to mimic the beach. You could even pick a pink, yellow, or salmon color that reminds you of the sun as it slips beneath the horizon.

Next you will want to consider you floor. One way of recreating the beach is by finding a soft tropical rug that reminds you of the way the sand feels against your feet. You will want to use a rug that is a nice neutral shade, something sand colored is usually a good choice. The rug you choose can either be a wall to wall rug, or you can use a smaller area rug that is great for accenting and furniture grouping.

The bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it is going to be the focal point of the room. You need to place it in a prominent position and than you need to figure out how you can use it to connect the different aspects of your bedroom. The best way to tie everything together is with the clever use of bedding. You will want to choose bedding the complements the bedrooms color scheme and that also reminds you of your favorite aspect of the beach. The bedding should be soft, the kind that begs you to curl up and take a nap.

The accents that you use in your bedroom makeover are very important. Even though these things are often small, and on their own insignificant, in the right environment they shine. Some of the best accents are simple things a jar of seashells, a vase of dried flowers, or a sea star that you've tucked into a shadow box.

While you are adding your accent pieces to your bedroom, you need to think about what types of coastal artwork you want to display. The possibilities are endless. If you are on a budges, you might want to consider hanging some postcards or posters. If you have some nice photos that you took on you last beach vacation, enlarging and hanging these is an excellent way to add memories along with art. Don't be afraid to get creative. Some very nice things can be done with pieces of drift wood you have found or old fishing rods you are no longer using.

When you have finished your Dean Miller surf bedding makeover you will find yourself wondering why you put the project off for so long. The small things you've collected during your trips to the beach will complement your freshly painted walls and beach like carpet. Crawling into your surf bedding each night is the perfect way to dream of the beach as you sleep.

The New Way To Surf: Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding is currently the fastest growing water sport in the world. Although this sport has been very popular in Hawaii for years, it is now becoming popular worldwide. Many surfers are even swapping their sport to paddle boarding because of the versatility it offers.

Stand up paddleboarding, also known as SUP, was originally started in the sixties by the Beach Boys of Waikiki. These boys would paddle out on their boards with outrigger paddles to take pictures of the tourists learning to surf. The nick name, Beach Boy Surfing came from this. Also in the early years of SUP, the sport was used as a way for surf instructors to manage their classes for beginner surfers. The view point that SUP gave the instructors was beneficial in watching out for waves that the beginners were not quite ready for.

This type of surfing is a lot like regular surfing except easier and is more of a relaxing experience. Also, no waves are needed to partake in this style. Many beginners actually prefer to start out in smaller bodies of water such as lakes and ponds rather than large oceans until they feel more comfortable with the sport. Those more advanced in the sport can ride larger waves as a surfer would.

To take part in this incredibly fun sport one must stand on a board and row like you would with a canoe. Once a wave comes along they ride it and guide themselves with the paddle. This sport is great form strength training for the entire body. The motion of the paddle is a great upper body workout while the balancing of the paddle board is great lower body training.

There are many competitions held every year all around the world. These contests can get very competitive and the contestants are judged on their performance and skill. These contests bring out hundreds of viewers and are a great form of entertainment.

This hobby is not cheap; the equipment used is very expensive. Paddleboards cost anywhere from four hundred to nine hundred dollars and the paddles that are used cost between three and six hundred dollars. This equipment will last a fairly good amount of time if well taken care of. Many people buy special bags for their paddle and board in order to protect the precious equipment when it is not in the water. It is also suggested to never sit a paddleboard in a standing position, in order to avoid harmful falls.

While stand up paddleboarding has been around for years, this sport is just now really getting started. It has been predicted that this sport will eventually take the place of surfing. We will be hearing a lot more from this sport in years to come.

Kiteboarding: Not For The Faint Hearted

When it comes to water sports you may have heard of kiteboarding. Whether you have or you have not, this is written to give you some information into this revolutionary sport that has taken the world by storm, and how you yourself can get into the action of this activity. But if you do not know what this is, what is this activity?

Kiteboarding is a water sport or activity that is similar to surfing. The only difference is that this form of surfing uses a specially built kite that is attached to the rider and board which pulls them along when the wind gets behind it. These boards come with special footing straps that hold the riders feet into place when on the board.

When it comes to this form of sport, with any water sports it does have a dangerous side. The danger with kiteboarding is that you can have accidents from a simple thing such as a wind change. There have been many casualties that have been caused when a rider has been blown into a building or rocks, as well as power lines. This is why proper precautions need to be taken before attempting this activity.

A trainer is usually one of the people who can help you learn this sport. Trainers have vast knowledge in not only how to kiteboard, but how to tell when the weather is safe to do it. These trainers are professionals so when taking up classes with them it is important to listen to what they have to say as this may save your life if you get into trouble.

If you are thinking about buying one of these for the first time, you may be able to find them through local water sports outlets and other surfing shops. Secondhand boards can also be a lot cheaper and can be beneficial for the first timers especially if they do not know if they will want to do it later on in life.

For your safety it is important to check your purchase for any damages and tears that it could have gotten in the travel process. If a tear exists do not continue to buy as this may cause an accident and result in a fatality. Safety is the number one priority.

Kiteboarding has taken the world by storm, and with its continuing popularity you can bet that it will last a lot longer in the future. So why not try your hand at something different this summer and give kiteboarding a go.