Friday, October 1, 2010

Using Surf Bedding To Bring The Beach Into Your Home

When you are considering making over your bedroom, one of the options you might want to consider is going with a theme that reminds you of your favorite vacation destination. So, if you love the beach, you should consider giving your bedroom a makeover that recreates the environment This can be done with paint, accents, carpeting, surf bedding, and window treatments. Mimicking the beach in you bedroom will provide you with a welcoming environment where you can relax.

Before you start any other aspect of your bedroom makeover, you will need to consider your walls. The cheapest and simplest way to deal with your walls is with a fresh coat of paint. Spend some time considering the color. Some people go with a shade of blue that reminds them of their favorite ocean, others choose a pale brown to mimic the beach. You could even pick a pink, yellow, or salmon color that reminds you of the sun as it slips beneath the horizon.

Next you will want to consider you floor. One way of recreating the beach is by finding a soft tropical rug that reminds you of the way the sand feels against your feet. You will want to use a rug that is a nice neutral shade, something sand colored is usually a good choice. The rug you choose can either be a wall to wall rug, or you can use a smaller area rug that is great for accenting and furniture grouping.

The bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so it is going to be the focal point of the room. You need to place it in a prominent position and than you need to figure out how you can use it to connect the different aspects of your bedroom. The best way to tie everything together is with the clever use of bedding. You will want to choose bedding the complements the bedrooms color scheme and that also reminds you of your favorite aspect of the beach. The bedding should be soft, the kind that begs you to curl up and take a nap.

The accents that you use in your bedroom makeover are very important. Even though these things are often small, and on their own insignificant, in the right environment they shine. Some of the best accents are simple things a jar of seashells, a vase of dried flowers, or a sea star that you've tucked into a shadow box.

While you are adding your accent pieces to your bedroom, you need to think about what types of coastal artwork you want to display. The possibilities are endless. If you are on a budges, you might want to consider hanging some postcards or posters. If you have some nice photos that you took on you last beach vacation, enlarging and hanging these is an excellent way to add memories along with art. Don't be afraid to get creative. Some very nice things can be done with pieces of drift wood you have found or old fishing rods you are no longer using.

When you have finished your Dean Miller surf bedding makeover you will find yourself wondering why you put the project off for so long. The small things you've collected during your trips to the beach will complement your freshly painted walls and beach like carpet. Crawling into your surf bedding each night is the perfect way to dream of the beach as you sleep.

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