Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beach Living Has Pros and Cons to Consider Before Investing

Everyone wins when it comes to beach real estate like Florida or California real estate. From the point of view of someone planning to live near the ocean, it is worth the price they will have to pay for the privilege. They will be surrounded by great beauty and may even experience a spiritual connection to the abundance of nature.

There is a great upside to living close to the beach. Those who can afford to buy property right on the beach will get even greater advantages. The view out of your windows alone is worth living close to the beach. Coastal properties are also in high demand and make for good rental properties, or a good investment. The small town beach communities can also make living near the coast attractive. However, there may be a downside to counteract the great advantages of living by the ocean.

However, being connected to the beach isn't all sunshine and ice cream. The ocean may be a beautiful place, but with great beauty there often comes a certain amount of danger. In the case of Florida real estate, for instance, that danger comes in the form of storms such as hurricanes which toss around trees as though they were paper cups. Flooding can also be a great concern, as it causes so much damage.

Those interested in an investment property along the beach must not forget the seasonal fluctuations in demand associated with beach communities. While you may be able to charge high rent in the summer, do not expect that to last all year long. Depending on the location in the country, the winter months can be awfully slow to rely on renter's money as an investment. Be sure to understand seasonal traffic flow before deciding to invest.

The owner of beach real estate may have to charge tenants more in order to keep up with costs that arise from the dangers of flooding and erosion. However, the desirability of property such as Florida real estate or California real estate is often such that people expect to pay more for the privilege of living there. Business owners know that they will make plenty of money during the area's tourist season to offset the costs of storm damage and slow winter months. What it ultimately comes down to, is that the pros and cons of investing in property like this can balance out each other if its owner is savvy enough to know how to handle the finances. Beach property can be a wonderful investment and is worth looking into.

About The Author: Sara Green is the real estate marketing director for Shingle Springs real estate where you can find local school information, full access to the Sacramento California area MLS listings. 

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