Friday, September 23, 2011

Useful Ways To Use Your Seashells

Should you need ideas about how to spruce up your interior spaces, what is found along the seashore can help. For instance the seashell crafts that you can create can often range from the very simple to the very complicated. Thus during the times that you find yourself walking along the beach, the search for interesting shells that are right for a project should also be in progress.

Stopping by the local craft store may also be in order to gather the supplies that are needed to enhance the look of the items that have been recovered from the sand. This can include items such as glitter, glue, string, wire, beads, ribbons, felt, and Styrofoam balls that one deems necessary to complete the creation of the ornamentation that they desire.

One project that many favor is what is known as a wineglass charm. They utilize the shells, wire, felt, glue, and beads to bring something into existence that pleases the eye. Cutting the wire to lengths of about 16 inches is one way that these artists begin their work. Next they fold that same wire in half and then attach it an some felt to the back of the shell with some glue. After that has finished drying then the beads are strung on the wire in any combination that is pleasing to them. They then make sure that enough room remains on the wire to close the circle off.

This particular project doesn't just have to be used to make wineglass charms. Instead it can be adapted for use as a napkin ring or holder. This will give it a bit more of a decorative touch to the table and its place settings when preparing for guests during a special occasion.

Using a Styrofoam ball that will ultimately be covered in shells is one project that can occupy children. The glue that they will need to accomplish their task is similar to what they use in their classroom. Once they have completed their decoration though then it is advisable to use a bit of hot glue to make the children's handiwork a little more secure. Prior to this particular project getting started though it might be a good idea to also use hot glue to affix the means to hang the ornament up to the undecorated base.

There are also those that use the seashell decorations they have made to make a profit through online sales to interested people. Sine they have access to the seashore and they use what is washed up on it on a daily basis and use that to help continue their endeavor.

These ideas can also use those things that come from the craft store to make a piece of work that will compliment the shells and broken glass that they have discovered in the sand. This includes such items as gemstones, ribbons, beads, silk flowers, and various colors of paints. The finished work will often go into packages to complete a customer's need for a set.

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