Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tips On Starting A Lighthouse Collection

Many people have lighthouse collections, some buying a variety of items but others preferring to specialize in a certain type of lighthouse collectible. Lighthouses come in various forms for collectors, one of the most common being a model of a particular one, usually made from wood, glass or ceramic. These are usually the exact reproductions of the original and are highly prized to display. Others simply show a more general type of lighthouse and are inexpensive to purchase, depending on the artist and the quality of the piece.

Another popular area of lighthouse collections is to get photographs of the actual lighthouse on location. These images can show it working at night, with its beam breaking through a stormy sky or show it standing tall behind a bright blue afternoon sky. When framed, these pictures can make a gorgeous addition to any collection and are more valuable if part of a print series signed by the photographer.

Many artists enjoy drawing and painting lighthouses, creating unique works of art that many collectors enjoy adding to their group. Some artists will use pen and ink to do a black-and-white drawing, while others may use watercolor and create a gentle scene that is laid out in a wash of color. When purchasing these pieces, the beginner may want to start out with a print. Depending on the number in the series, these are more in the price range of a beginning collector than the actual original canvas would be. The most expensive part of this lighthouse collectible is the actual framing of the drawing or painting.

A unique aspect of this hobby is to purchase a lighthouse figure that is created out of hand blown glass. These pieces require great skill and control to create and are well worth the investment. The glass may have colored sand added to it in order to give it a unique appearance. They are especially breathtaking when light comes through them.

The best way to store and protect lighthouse collections is by using a wood and glass display case. When the pieces are inside, they can still be enjoyed but are kept free of dust. They are also protected against breakage that would be more likely to occur if they are sitting on an open shelf. Wood figures are more sturdy back can bring kind if not properly cared for. That is why whenever you purchase a piece you want to ask the clerk or the artist the best way to care for your new light house.

Beginning collectors may want to choose one particular type of lighthouse collectible to focus on. This will make it easier to start a collection and the individual will not be overwhelmed by the number of choices that are available. Lighthouse collections make a wonderful addition to any home and allow the individual to bring a piece of the coast and the scent of the ocean into his or her daily life to enjoy in the years to come.

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