Friday, February 12, 2010

Banish Winter Blues By Using Tropical Bedding To Brighten Your Room

There are many different types of bedding that can make you feel as if you are vacationing in the islands in the middle of February. Tropical bedding can picture lighthouses, boats, beautiful beach sunsets or just a simple seashell motif. The colors and prints of this style of decor can do a lot to heal your winter blues, at least when it comes to your bedroom furnishing and linens. These are some tips that you may not have considered to get the feel of the tropics.

When you want to bring hot, tropical colors into your home, think bright orange for the sunsets, green for the palm trees and deep blue for the ocean. Mix them all together for a great island feel.

If you want to really look for a bedroom with that island feel, consider bold prints in bright colors with patterns such as tropical fish, birds or flowers. Some examples include images of parrots, flamingos or palm trees. Floral designs such as bird of paradise, hibiscus or plumeria with lifelike colors also provide a great way to make your bedding shout tropical vacation.

If going tropical in your bedding reminds you of a school of fish you saw in the waters when you last went snorkeling on the reefs, you can get the same effect with bright yellows, blues and reds of tropical fish or in fish images on the bedding and accessories. When some people see the vibrant  colors of reef fish, they remember instead the tranquil blue of the waters. You can get either effect in the bedding you choose.

A theme that isn't necessarily tropical, but ties in well with a marine idea is lighthouses. Ocean waters and lighthouses can be found in the tropics, but they may also be reflective of a northern coastline. Bedding with lighthouses and warm sands can be a beautiful addition to a bedroom searching for a coastal theme.

You might also find images of sailboats appealing. The tranquility that these boats represent is hard to beat. The deep blue of the ocean, the yellow of the sun, and red and white sails make you feel like you're floating away. You can have these color effects in your bedroom without the chance of seasickness.

Many bedding sets have images of seashells. Some sets feature embroidered edging that looks like scallop or nautilus shells. Even muted colors finished off with shell decorations can be a wonderful reminder of the tropics.

Tropical bedding is a great choice when you want to get over the depression that sometimes occurs when the weather is cold and there isn't as much daylight. Bright colors lift your spirits. The whimsical nature of tropical decorating can be fun to enjoy as well. The bedding sets often include  comforters, sheets and pillow cases all in one bag. You will need to add pillows and window treatments to the bedding for a more finished look.

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