Saturday, February 6, 2010

Creating A Coastal Atmosphere In Your Home With Tropical Rugs

Using tropical area rugs can dramatically alter the mood of a room. It may seem like a small thing to switch a rug, but it can be responsible for adding a sense of the tropics. While it is not the same as totally redecorating a space, the rug can have a serious impact. One needs to think about the message one sends when using such a rug.

Warmth is an obvious connection with all things tropical. A place furnished with a beach area rug may feel just a bit warmer. In a frigid place, the extra warmth may be particularly appreciated. The feel of a warmer temperature would ideally translate into a more comfortable home.

Tropical area rugs often portray visions of beaches. Adding a beach motif to a space decreases the formality and increases the comfort level. Most people enjoy the beach because they can lay around and soak up the beautiful atmosphere. If the feeling one wants for their room is a more relaxed space, the beach theme rug would be a good fit.

The tropics bring up memories of beloved vacations. If a rug conjures up memories of a favorite vacation, it will definitely make an impact on the mood of a space. The rug can make one feel ready to take a break and enjoy life. It might help create a space where one would like to lay back and remember fond moments. This would not work well for a work space created for completing tasks efficiently, but it could be just the right decor for a relaxing spot at home.

Tropical climates are home to the rain forests. The rugs often portray thick plant growth and green trees. A few live or silk plants carefully placed in the space with the rug can strengthen this theme. It can give a mood of earthiness and power to a room. A room can feel bursting with lushness and life.

Beyond just the rain forests, the tropics are often connected with water. One finds beautiful beaches and immense oceans throughout this area. A beach area rug could be especially appropriate to counteract an environment that receives little rain by bringing thoughts of a wetter climate.

A connotation of the exotic often comes with a coastal rug. One can make their home a little more adventurous and exciting with an image from a far away place. It might not fit well in a very traditional space, but in a space that can embrace something new and a little different it could be a good fit. It can add interest to a dull area.

Because of the size and patterns, tropical rugs can quickly grab attention and become a main theme for a space. Going with a tropical choice can alter the atmosphere and formality of any space. The ambiance created by the rug can be a jumping off point for even more items, such as paint, chairs, house plants, etc. to continue the beach house decor feel of a room.

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