Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Handmade Sea Glass and Sea Shell Home Decor

Shari Curtiss, owner and artist of Beach Grass Cottage.Com is a self-proclaimed beach girl with a really cool site for beach and shore lovers! Beach Grass Cottage.Com is an online specialty retailer featuring artisan designed seashell mirrors, shell frames, coastal wreaths, and beachy home decor items. Shari is the sole artist, beach girl, and entrepreneur extraordinaire!

Shari grew up near the shores living on a lake near the shores of Lake Michigan. As a tween, her parents bought a condo on Anna Maria Island in Florida and there Shari fully realized her passion for the sea. She began yearning to visit to the sunny shores of Anna maria Island, and became an avid beachcomber. Crossing those bridges was like coming home to her; still is today.

Shari and her mom fell into the crazy habit of getting up in the early am, before the sunrise, and getting to the beach to "get the big ones" before the other beachcombers arose. Her family just shook their heads. Often, their diligence was rewarded, and they brought home a bounty of gorgeous shells, sea glass, and prizes washed in to the shore. Every day was fueled by the thrill of the hunt! Shari was hooked on seashells and the sea forever! She now creates gorgeous one-of-a-kind seashell and beach glass creations that you can use to add coastal flair to your home.

Shari's passion has always been the water--lakes, seas, whatever--and considers it to be such a blessing to be able to use her gifts creating beautiful things from the bounty of the ocean! Her sea glass frames are her signature product, outselling all others on her website. They are painstakingly made by hand from individual pieces of sea glass, sometimes taking hours to complete. The finished product is available in many beach glass colors, highlighted with white seashells, and tiny elegant pearl accents.

While the sea glass frames are Shari's bread-and-butter, her fabulous and distinctive seashell mirrors are her signature. Her Naples Starfish Mirror is layered with dozens of pristine white finger starfish, and the elegant Longboat Key Mirror is totally covered in hundreds of all white seashells, starfish, sand dollars, and pretty pearl accents. New additions to her Etsy.Com shop include a very cool barnacle mirror and sea glass mirrors in all kinds of watercolor shades. Recently Shari has added lines of sea glass vases, beach wedding hair accessories, seashell wreaths, and some very unique home decor items too.

Beach Grass Cottage is located in Michigan, near the pristine beaches and resort communities of Lake Michigan, home of devoted beach dwellers, killer sand dunes, casual lakeshore living and the most gorgeous sunsets on the planet! Shari's creations are available on her own website at http://beachgrasscottage.com , her Etsy shop at http://beachgrasscottage.etsy.com, and drop shipped from several large online retailers. She also welcomes wholesale orders and inquires.

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