Thursday, November 4, 2010

Protect Our Beaches - Support Ocean Conservation

The protection of the ocean and the seas is an important effort that is being undertaken by many environmental groups. Ocean conservation is critical because the environment has been subjected to many centuries of man made pollution. The water ways of the earth have suffered as the human race has expanded.

Mankind relies on the ocean for much of its food but some people hunt ocean creatures not for food but for sport. Some believe that the creatures in the ocean should only be hunted for food and should not be killed simply because a so called sportsman wants a trophy fish. The oceans have been subjected to the whim of man for centuries.

There are many steps that people as individuals can take to help conserve the oceans and seas. People who scuba dive should learn scuba techniques that are in line with a healthy environment. For instance, scuba divers should not intentionally or unintentionally break coral reefs.

Many ocean creatures depend on the coral for food and protection. Once a coral reef is destroyed there is a good chance that it will not grow back. One of the biggest problems the ocean environment is facing is the deterioration of coral reefs.

The tuna industry uses large nets to catch the fish that makes up the industry's profits. But the nets catch more than tuna the nets also catch dolphins and other protected ocean life. The tuna fishing boat workers are supposed to check their nets and release any ocean creature that is not a tuna. But the tuna boats are in a hurry to make their profits and in many cases ocean life such as dolphins are processed with the tuna.

Offshore oil spills can destroy the marine environment because oil kills all ocean life. The world relies on oil and because there is a great amount of oil off the shore of many countries, the need for oil outweighs the risk of an oil spill. The fact is however, that one human error can lead to a ocean environmental disaster that will cause years of damage to the delicate ocean ecosystems.

Oil leaking from an oil rig in the ocean will destroy all life in the area of the spill. The oil that washes on shore will kill the ecosystems along the shore. The oil will kill marine life such as birds, dolphins, seals, and other life that will come into contact with the oil spill. There are many groups involved in ocean conservation that need the help and support of the public at large.

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