Friday, June 24, 2011

Combine 4th of July Celebrations With Beachy Decorating Ideas

The Fourth of July is one of the most fun holidays of the year, and is one of the things that makes summer so special. The picnics and barbecues, the parades, the music, and of course, the fireworks, are part of what make this nationwide celebration so exciting. What would be even better would be combining two great American traditions: The 4th of July and The Beach. With the upcoming holiday, it's even more of a reason to pack up and head to the shore!

Get together family and friends and celebrate the Fourth at your favorite local beach. Most beaches have a picnic area where you can set up for the day. Make it a potluck Bar-B-Que and everyone can bring their favorite dish to share. Don't forget the dessert!

There will be a ton of activities going on to entertain the kids. You can play volleyball, horseshoes, or even set up a craft area for the kids to make patriotic favors, not to mention the beautiful ocean to take a swim in. At the end of the day, the beach is the perfect spot to watch the fireworks. There is nothing prettier than watching fireworks go off over the ocean at night.

Not near a beach? No problem. You can still have a little of the beach with you as you celebrate the holiday from home. This is such cute idea for table decorations. Take any old bottle you have lying around the house or can pick up at the thrift store. Then, using cardboard and fabric, or poster board, create 4th of July pennants for your bottles. Put a small amount of sand at the bottom of the bottle for the sign to stick in. If you have them, add a few seashells in as well. If you're going to be decorating various tables with this 4th of July centerpiece, make each pennant a little different. Add glitter, ribbon, and other embellishments, and give each pennant a different message. You can also use this idea with glass bowls or planting pots as well. Don't have the time to make signs? Replace the signs with red, white and blue candles. If you look hard around your local craft stores you may even be able to find red and blue color sand to use for an instant patriotic look.

Whatever you decide to do this holiday, remember to stay safe. It's always wonderful to celebrate being an American. Have a great holiday with your family and friends! Be sure to share your plans and decorating ideas with us.

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