Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Get Creative With Your Summer Entertaining

It's summertime! And that means it's time for pool parties, BBQ's, beach picnics and gatherings of all kinds. Of course we all know that the food is the center of attention at any party, but it's the decor that really gets people talking. You can make your summertime get-together even more fabulous with a great table setting. Here are some great ideas to make your summer gathering a memorable one.

Scallop Placemats and Napkins
For those little touches that always leave a lasting impression, decorating a table top is the place to start. Summer always gives off a beachy vibe, but throwing some sea shells and sand on a table doesn't hack it! Try adding cute coastal placemats that have simple, yet elegant ,designs. If you have a plain wood table, you can use placemats and napkins as an opportunity to add a pop of color. Bright blues and greens with hints or browns and sand colors are sure to give off this great beach feel!

Sea Life Napkin Rings
Other simple but creative ideas for your table setting might be to use beachy napkin rings. Simple yet chic! It's always fun to have a variety as well. Make a game out of it. Have everyone randomly seat themselves at the table and whoever chooses the setting with the pre-chosen (but surprise) napkin ring, get's a prize! If you have a regular get together, change up the designated winning item each time. It keeps guests guessing and having fun at the same time, not to mention all while admiring your beautiful table setting!

Everyone knows a great party has great drinks. Make your drinks even more fabulous with decorative wine glasses. These days, everyone is drinking their favorite drink out of their new favorite glass. And plus, it's always more fun drinking out of a pretty glass than a plain one.

Shoreline Hand Painted Wine Glasses
If you are really looking to step up your game when it comes to your summer entertaining, try looking for a new set of dishware. Whether you are hosting a four course meal for the Captain of the Queen Victoria, or having a lunch in with the girls at your coastal cottage by the shore, the right dishware help you go from ordinary to extraordinary!

Regardless of the of occasion, there are endless ways you make your summer gathering a memorable one. Of course the best way of all is the company that you keep!


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

The napkin rings are too cute!! I'll post your beach dune fence photo collage this coming Thurs..., and I think I'm going to include these cuties on my coastal mix post too!

Rebecca M. said...

Thanks Maya!