Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Calling All Beach Lovers! Help Protect Our Mighty Oceans


Oceans form a major part of the hydrosphere, covering nearly 70%of the earth’s surface area. The five major oceans of the world are under a potential threat due to incessant pollution and other harmful human activities and their repercussions. The home of millions of aquatic plant and animal species is being destroyed by humanity for their own selfish ends.

Ocean beds were exploited for oil long ago yielding fabulous opportunities. However, major oil spills have polluted the waters, killing many aquatic animals by cutting off oxygen levels. Huge amounts of toxic solid waste including fertilizers and pesticides disposed into rivers eventually reach the oceans, degrading the water quality. Global warming, dumping of industrial effluents and sewage discharge are other factors causing immense damage to the marine ecosystems.

Environmental conservationists have been predominantly working on terrestrial and air pollution, but degradation of the oceans and marine diversity has received far less attention. What we need is to start massive programs to spread awareness about ocean conservation among people and organizations.

Marine species need to be protected, and fisheries should not be exploited above their yield. Biodiversity in oceans needs to be conserved for sustaining our future. Laws protecting threatened and endangered species should be enforced with strict vigilance. Habitat destruction should be stopped by controlling coastal development activities. Above all, humanity should realize a moral sense of responsibility to protect the environment and develop a strong ethic for ocean conservation.

Various organizations such as Sea Around Us Project, Oceana, The Marine Conservation Biology Institute, The Surfrider Foundation and The Marine Fish Conservation Network are dedicated to promote conservation, preservation and restoration of marine habitats to promote sustainability. To protect our future, we need to take action now.

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