Thursday, January 28, 2010

Using Coastal Theme Lamps and Lighting To Accent Your Beach Cottage Decor

As anyone up on the latest trends in home decorating knows by now, “the coast” is making an appearance in many homes. Sand and surf, water and sun are being incorporated into living rooms and bedrooms by the hippest design teams. Do-it-yourselfers can also easily incorporate elements of coastal life into their own redecorating projects.

Lighting is an often overlooked element of any home design. We all know that the right lighting can change the look of a room entirely. It can make a small room look bigger, or a dull room brighter. But we often forget about the role that “theme” lighting can play in re-making a room. Unite the hot trend with the important principles of light, and you will find that it is time to start thinking about coastal theme lighting.

A helpful lighting retailer or home design coordinator can show you numerous lamps and other lighting to complement your coastal decorating motif. While lighthouses are a tried-and-true reminder of the coast in many homes, how many times have you seen a lamp in the form of a fully functioning lighthouse? These are now available from many manufacturers. Another fresh look in coastal lighting is the floor lamp designed to look like the famous streetlights of the boardwalk’s heyday.

If you haven’t considered a coastal theme in several years, it’s time to take another look. The innovations in lighting are something you will want to explore. The appropriate selection of coastal theme lighting will invigorate your memories of the fresh ocean breeze, and make your home the relaxing sanctuary you deserve it to be.

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