Friday, January 22, 2010

Seashell Shadowboxes Are A Quick And Inexpensive Way To Add A Little Bit Of Beach Life To Your Home.


Nearly everyone has a handful of sea shells collected from a special beach vacation, whether it was last summer or many years ago. Chances are they are in a shoe box full of souvenirs, where they are never seen or appreciated. Why not display them, and relive the experiences and memories of the beach every day?

A shadowbox is the ideal way to do this. With a trip to your local hobby store, you will find an incredible selection of shadowboxes in every possible size, material and finish. Simply choose the one that best suits your own decorating style.

If you are the handy type, you can make your own shadowbox with a minimal amount of time and trouble. A quick search on the internet will provide you will plans for building one.

Now that you have your shadowbox, what do you do now? Experiment with your shells and other beach souvenirs to come up with the most attractive arrangement. Make sure you try a number of layouts to be sure you have something you will be really happy with. Do this before you start gluing, or you may be stuck with something before you have made up your mind.

Once you are sure you’re ready, grab a hot glue gun and fasten everything into place. Give the glue a few minutes to dry, and it’s time to decorate! Select a location where you will see your seashell shadowbox regularly. How about a place near a chair where you can relax with a cold drink, and spend a few minutes daydreaming about the beach?

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