Saturday, January 23, 2010

Surfboard Furniture... The "Wave" of the Future?


There are many ways to express yourself in home decor today, many television shows offering tips and tricks, many experts now that make a living off of it. But surfboard furniture? It may sound a bit offbeat but yes, utilizing surfboards as everything from coffee tables to shelves to benches to display artifacts goes back a long way, particularly as a means of identifying oneself with the California lifestyle on the west coast.

Using an old surfboard of your own, or having a decorative one that has been emblazoned with all kinds of personal insignias and images and characters are just a few of the ways people go about this. It's an easy way to show others a piece of yourself, the idea goes. It is also an easy way to get a conversation going about old surf stories or about any of the number of small decals and little personal things the surfboard owner has applied to it.

Now, the next question would be, is this sort of thing confined only to surfers and to people on the west coast? Not at all. Home decor has become such a mixed bag, and all the styles pertaining to it have become so intermingled (Victorian melding with new age, African being combined with cottage, anything and everything), that putting a surfboard anywhere is a fantastic way to impart stylish beach decor in your home. So what else is there to say but..."surf's up!"

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