Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Show Off Your Surfer Style At Home With Vintage Beach And Surf Tin Wall Signs

Surf style, for the last few decades if not longer, has been one of those sorts of things that the public has just generally regarded as cool. Whether it be in clothes, or in overall appearance (the classic tanned surfer body), or just in attitude (laid back and without a care in the world). But as things become more homogenized, and as every market strains and pushes to co-opt every type of self expression, it's clearly becoming harder and harder to find unique and interesting things anywhere, let alone in the surfer style.

This is especially true with regards to beach home decor, and other elements people might use to express themselves in their own environments. The market is just absolutely flooded. So what to do, where to turn, when you're looking for a way to make a statement about the surf lifestyle? The answer seems to be in vintage surf tin wall signs.

Going vintage, which seems to be a trend before a trend. When most of the home decor market (if the home shows and other sorts of "experts" would be our guide) seems to be going for sparse and modern, going vintage seems to be a way that people are using to differentiate themselves. And surfer tin wall signs have just that vintage feel, and just that laid back sort of surfer attitude that has made surfers, and California, and even the entire west coast, so legendarily cool.

Whether it's pretty girls in vintage pinup poses or sepia toned and nostalgic beautiful views of piers, or old model cars against shimmering blue skies, beach and surfer tin wall signs seem to be the new perfect way to get a surfer attitude across without all kinds of gimmicks and stunts. Because like one of the most popular signs says, "Life is a beach," and there's no reason that sentiment has to go away, or be drowned out.

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