Friday, March 26, 2010

Create a Beach Theme Bedroom Yourself and Save Money

Vacations at the beach don’t have to only exist in childhood memories. With a bit of creativity and some basic tools, anyone can create a beach theme bedroom. This will provide a place of year–long solitude that one need not even get out of his or her pajamas to enjoy.

Many of the materials required to complete this redecorating project may be found online. There are an abundance of Web sites that contain ideas and provide tips and tutorials on creating a beach theme within the bedroom. The same sites usually sell the materials used in the tutorials, so the Internet is basically a one-stop shop for all things needed.

Any beach decor how-to guide will tell you that the floors and walls are the initial areas to be re-done. Make the floors a light colored wood or purchase a tan carpet, to mirror the appearance of sand. If going with hardwood floors, purchase area rugs that contain a beach scene. These can be found in many online retail sites. For the walls of the room, a light blue color is a must. This will give the walls the appearance of open sky and clear blue ocean. The more creative redecorators may want to purchase a wall border to compliment the look. Keep the colors cool and muted and try to find a border with a beach scene or shells on it.

When purchasing bedding and window treatments, the knowledgeable decorator knows to keep the colors in line with the walls and floor. Everything should blend together and the eye should not be drawn to any specific item in the room. Shell-shaped accent pillows add a nice design touch to the bed.

The walls should be sparsely decorated, so as not to appear cluttered. Pictures containing simple beach or ocean scenes are perfect. Many stores sell real shells that could be put into a shadow box on the wall or strung together and hung throughout the room. The furniture in the room should be light-colored and should not clash with the floor and walls. Light wood or white furniture with small inlaid designs provide the room with a casual yet classy look.

For added accent to the walls, try stenciling a beach scene onto one area, or go with vinyl adhesive words that correspond with the beach theme. The key is to keep the colors and the designs coherent.

The bedroom walls, decorations, and furniture should tie together the room. Once those are completed, accent decorations may be added to small tables and furniture within the room. Fill the bottom of a hurricane glass with sand and shells and place a candle in it. Some stores sell accent lamps with clear bowls that can be filled with shells. The options are only limited by one’s creativity.

It does not take a designer’s eye and price tag to create a beach theme bedroom. Most of the items can be purchased online and the room can be redecorated in a snap. Once finished, your new tropical decor will provide its incumbent with a relaxing retreat every day of the year without having to travel away from home.

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Ianny said...

Huge photography of marine life such as weedy seadragons, jellysifh and dolphins are really appropriate for such a decor theme.