Monday, March 22, 2010

Transform Any Room In Your Home With Beach Decor

Whether it is fond memories of a summer vacation spot or just the need to create a unique look in one or more rooms in a home, beach decor can dramatically alter any room. This can be accomplished by something as simple as small accent decorations to full-blown paint. Carpet and furniture will create a look that is both attractive and functional. The majority of people that choose this particular style tend to begin with one room in particular, the bathroom.

Inevitably, the bathroom takes the brunt of this type of decorating and there are more accessories available for this room than virtually any other room in the home. These accessories can easily be found by going online and conducting a brief search. The largest and brightest beginning to any bathroom is the shower curtain.

The shower curtain is seen by everyone upon entering the room and can help set the tone and theme for the rest of the area. These are available in a wide range of colors and patterns that should be selected to accent the already existing items such as the floor and wall coverings. Once this portion is set, the accent colors of window curtains and other items may be chosen to work off the shower curtain.

The accessories available for this room can range from figurines of all types to some more functional items that are also just as beautiful. There are shell-encrusted mirrors along with bath accessories such as soap dishes to help bring this theme to life. By simply placing the right color and sized conch shells on a shelf space or toilet tank cover, one can bring a bit of the shore right to their home.

Beach decor is in no way limited to the bathroom. The living area and bedrooms can benefits greatly from a few ocean side touches. There are table lamps available with shells as accents along with statuettes and figurines that remind people of a summer day at the shore. Lighthouses factor in greatly in designing this type of look for a home.

The lighthouse is the universal symbol for seaside and this may be utilized in the form either of figurines or, for those looking for a larger statement to be made, an oil painting of a seascape on the wall. The oil painting as a backdrop will bring that dockside feel to any room. This goes the same for any beachscape painting that may be found.

The full effect of these accents can only be enhanced by painting the room in colors that tend towards the theme. A light coral color on the wall of a bathroom will accent the accessories therein by adding a simple but elegant undertone. The same goes for the living areas, but the colors should tend more a light tan or sand color to accent the wood furniture already in place.

Beach decor is only limited to an individual's imagination and, of course, budget. The Internet can take care of the budget issues by offering a multitude of websites that carry all of these accessories. By taking some time to explore all of the different coastal decorating items online, you are sure to find exactly what you need to spark those favorite memories. You can check out lots of great beach decor items at

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