Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tropical Wall Decor Can Turn Any Room Into An Island Paradise

No matter the room and no matter the furniture, the addition of the right tropical wall decor can change the entire mood completely. This type of decor will bring to the occupant’s mind thoughts of vacation and relaxation. In doing this, the decorator creates a feeling of well being for the occupant by properly choosing the right pieces to convey these thoughts and images.

The walls are the most obvious place to start when choosing this type of decorating scheme. There are a wide variety of paintings, plaques, and wall hanging available with this type of theme as the center. The wall hangings can be as small as a set of plaques to as large as a full sized tapestry that can cover up to a three-foot by five-foot area.

The themes for many of these wall hangings are palm trees and island landscape scenes. These will help to convey thoughts of a tranquil setting such as the beach at sunset or a rain forest backdrop. There are also many backdrops that include the colorful birds often associated with the tropics such as parrots.

The wall hangings come in other forms such as paintings and even 3-panel wall art pieces that go side by side on a wall to create an even more interesting effect. The wall art selections are normally quite intricate and all very stunning to behold. Just because they are so intricate does not mean that they are not also very affordable.

These wall decorations are widely available by simply going on the Internet and doing a brief search. The search will reveal all of the manufacturers and suppliers of this type of artwork and their very competitive prices. This is one way to add a touch of the tropics to any home without the expense of actually going there to experience it firsthand.

This type of decoration is by no means limited to paintings or tapestries either. There are many small sculptures of birds, fish and palm trees that will help produce the same effect in a room that may not contain the wall space necessary for some of the larger pieces. This can allow the decorator to place a tropic touch almost anywhere in a home, no matter how limited the decorating area.

There is yet another option for this type of room decor, but it does require a custom touch. Many people will take a favorite photograph and commission an artist to come in and create a custom wall mural representing this. This allows a lasting memory to be created on a wall in a room of a favorite vacation spot.

Tropical wall decor is a great theme for any room in a home as either an everyday look or that unique touch for guests or loved ones. There are multitudes of websites that may be browsed containing the entire scope of these art selections for sale. The custom painters may also be found online and contacted to review the possibility of creating that unique tropical decor room for you.

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