Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Is Almost Here. Are You Ready Yet?

Spring is the season of rebirth. This is the season that people all over the world start to shake off the last signs of winter, unlocking their windows and putting clothes outside to dry. This time of year a lot of people think about cleaning however not too many think about decorating. Be honest, for many people, spring is the only season of the year that we really enjoy cleaning.

There is nothing like a freshly cleaned home! The smell, and the feeling of a new beginning, it is just wonderful. I personally love the summer when you can bring in fresh picked flowers to set on the table beside the freshly brewed iced tea. It is also a great time of year to search yard sales and flea markets to pick up inexpensive accessories for your home. It is amazing how uplifting adding a new accessory to a room makes you feel. It is also a sense of accomplishment to look around and see the atmosphere that you have "recreated" with a little bit of imagination and some elbow grease!

One of the unwelcome tasks of the holiday season is housecleaning. When playing the season's host or hostess, our homes must be impeccably set up for family and friends. And, as much as we begrudge this huge chore we do it, then we put on our cheery faces for our guests.

Its amazing that as much as we like cleaning in spring, we are totally uninspired when it comes to decorating. This could be due to the conventional thoughts that this is time for cleaning which leaves us with no time or strength to decorate. If this happens to be the case for you, then its my hope that the ideas below will be inspirational.

1) Floral Accents - Is there any better time for flowers than the Spring? They start popping up everywhere. Some fresh cut flowers and a few candles can become an eye pleasing centerpiece or cheery decoration in every room of your house.

2) Candles - Although previously discussed, they should be a least be highlighted on their own within the top five. Candles can soothe, relax, invigorate, inspire, look beautiful, but also, they just plain and simple have a nice smell. Candles are very good regardless of the time of the year, but if you pick candles with shining spring colors and perfumes you may be surprised at how much these candles can uplift your mood.

3) Towels - Bright, cheerful colors that represent spring, being born, and reborn. These small accents can make a big difference in how you feel about cleaning and decorating including how you feel about cooking as well.

4) Fragrance - Decor can come in many types. One of them is the fragrance in our homes. The difference that can be brought about by placing fragrance balls, dried fruits and other delights in a bowl is very surprising. Candles and potpourri add to the glamor of the room. Despite being relatively inexpensive and readily available in gift and fragrance shops, gourmet potpourri greatly adds to the home's decoration and fragrance.

5) Fresh Fruit - Put bowls of fresh fruit around the house. Many fruits have a very pleasing scent, and on top of that they are appealing to the eye. They do have to be replaced regularly before they become overripe, but they're not expensive and you get to eat them. That's a lot of points in their favor.

For people who desire ideas to decorate their home in the spring I expect this has been helpful. If you still didn't find any special advice to use from what was previously mentioned at least I hope you have been encouraged to look deep within yourself to find your personal ideas to decorate for the spring.

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bmabey said...

I agree! There is nothing better than the Spring and you gave some great tips to welcome the season into our homes. Also too, Spring (the time of renewal) is a great time to be cleaning out and
organizing those closets!

Stan said...

Yes, cleaning is often seen as drudgery. One way to help lighten it up is to purchase a new (or new for you) piece of furniture, art, or anything for your home. It is perfectly natural and even appealing to clean up before placing something in its new environment.

Stan Horst
Publisher: BetterBenches.com