Monday, June 7, 2010

Decorating Your Home With A Nautical Theme

For those of us that have a fondness for the oceans and the culture that mankind has developed in its relationship to them, decorating our homes with a nautical theme has an undeniable appeal. The sorts of maritime motifs available are generally quite charming and appropriate even for homes and their owners who are not rabid fans of nautical culture. However, for those of us who tear up when "Sailing" by Christopher Cross comes on the radio, it is impossible to go wrong with this choice of interior decoration.

If you would like to have a nautical theme in your home decor and if money is not a major concern, then deep stained wainscoting with a chair rail like what may be found on a motorboat or sailing vessel, will give a sense of the romance of the sea. For those who love to sail, this will be just the thing, but even those who are not in love with thr sea may enjoy this kind of decor.

When you're creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a ship, white walls are fine. However, you might want to think about a sailor's shade of blue either for the walls or for the curtains or blinds. Any material for curtains or pillows, for instance, could be of the same type of fabric that sails are made of.

Every good sailor could make strong knots, and rope is a great addition to your seafaring decorating scheme. You can use a hot glue gun and add rope to picture frames, candle holders, or any other accessory. You might even hang a hammock in a room's corner, either for relaxing or for piling on everyday items that people might need such as sweaters and shawls.

In a sailing themed room portals, clocks, and barometers make excellent decorations. Seashells, sand dollars, model boats, and artwork depicting the sea would also provide the room with attractiveness. For many, this is home, were we're inspired and feel we can truly feel one with the sea.

Glued to the ambition of making your home look like a mariners cottage? Then how can that wish be fulfilled but for a lighthouse to adorn the scene? Most people do a lot of stuff to give that special look, but often forget or neglect the significance of a lighthouse in the theme. Not many artists are good enough to make you relive the exquisite feel of a seaside home. There is an artist named Thomas Kincaid who is considered a truly class act when it comes to recreating the lighthouses on the canvas. Get one of his works and build your home around it.

Nautical theme decor is one of the most versatile and least costly decorating ideas for your home, and it suits a variety of families for a variety of reasons. It can be arrived at through a lot of different avenues, from little touches to a whole room makeover. To find some great deals on nautical items for your home, visit

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