Friday, June 4, 2010

Refreshing Your Home's Decor For the Warm Summer Months

When decorating your home during the warmer months, keep in mind the carefree days of summer. You can be inspired by the patriotic colors of Independence Day or by the barbecues enjoyed during long hot days lazing with friends and the light of fireflies dancing as evening falls.

Sunflowers are wonderful decorations that make a positive impact anywhere during summertime. The vivid yellows give a fantastic "sunshine" or "summertime" accent to any room. Since they've been overwhelmingly popular, they are also commonly available in silk form. Anybody can enjoy these wonderful flowers summer after summer.

Placing baskets of sunflowers throughout the home will make a beautiful sight in the summer. You can also re-purpose the baskets according the season or occasion by changing the liners or adding ribbons to the outside. Baskets are not just decorative; they can also be functional and very versatile. Some people use them to store hand towels and wash cloths in the bathroom, but baskets can be used in just about any room in the house. You can use them to hold kitchen utensils, sort bills, and organize anything else you need to de-clutter in a visually appealing way.

All you need is a little talent and some painting supplies and you can paint a small table that will add a summer note to your indoor or outdoor space. After putting on a coat of a light color, stencil or sponge on a summer-themed pattern, such as fruit, beach umbrellas, flowers, or whatever reminds you of fun in the sun.

If you would like to make your summer theme a little different and unique in your home, you can avail a Moroccan  theme. Mosaics, candle holders and wall sconces together with a few fluffy pillows made of cozy fabrics would augment the glow without costing too much. In addition, glowing candles and artificial lighting together with incense burning in the background would enrich the mood.

When summer comes around, some people get excited about redecorating their houses on the outside. An outdoor living area is the perfect outlet to focus such energies. Even mass retailers are recognizing the potential in offering more options for outdoor furnishings; plastic chairs are no longer enough to satisfy the demands of their customers. Weather-resistant furnishings now come in so many different styles that it is possible to create an elegant outdoor living area.

Families who enjoy outdoor living close to home, may want to build an outdoor fireplace so that the area can be used for extended periods both early in the spring and late fall. They might also want to use a cooling system so that even on the hottest days outdoor living can be enjoyed in comfort. By doing much of the cooking in an outdoor style, not only do you help keep your home cool, but it is a good way to cut down on cost.

Perhaps it is due to great sense of freedom and wonder we all experienced in our childhood summers but people seem to be more creative during the summer months. Why not infuse your home decor with that same sense of liberty and creativity. Learn to have fun while decorating; pretend school is out and there are no rules!

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