Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Decorating Your Kid's Room With Surf Decor

Kids' rooms are all about themes today, everything from a superhero to the latest popular cartoon character. But you don't have to stop there, think about your son or daughter's favorite hobby or sport and make that work for you when decorating their room. If you have a child that loves surfing or is a little beach bunny, surf decor can make for a very cool theme for them.

You will of course need a surfboard or two; you can't have a surfing theme without one. You can find used ones that are cheap at local surf shops or flea markets. Make a shelf on the wall with one with a few brackets or turn an old desk into something fun by replacing the top with a surfboard. If your child is a surfer, hang their board on the wall for when they are not using it and in the off season it decorates the room.

With some blue and white paint, you can turn those plain walls into crashing waves. Start with a nice blue on the walls and then using a paintbrush and the white paint, create the waves with big sweeping strokes of the brush. You could even overlap it to go onto the ceiling. If painting is not your strong point, using the rag painting method can give a similar effect with some smaller waves. Some white curtains that are airy and light will complement the colors of the walls.

Nothing says beach like beach towels and whether you have new or old ones lying around, they can come in handy when decorating. Let your child choose one to hang on the wall or you could even reupholster a small chair in the room with one.

Decorating the walls with their favorite surfer or just surfing and beach posters will add color and keep to the theme of the room. Think about hanging some beach signs too, you can find new and vintage styles in shops and online.

Add a bit of fun with novelty items. You can find a variety of different surf and beach related items that would match the room perfectly. A surfboard print light switch plate, a surfboard shaped wall clock and a few surfboard wall hooks for their coats and hats are just a few of the very cool things out there to choose from.

Bedding today is all about themes and pulls a room together nicely. You'll find there will be a large selection for you to choose from in many different colorful or even subtle designs. Let your son or daughter pick out their favorite here, whether it is surfboards, a beach scene or even their favorite surfer.

If they can't go to the surf, bring the surf to them by turning your child's room into something fun and unique that all their friends will envy. Creating the atmosphere of being on the beach with the sound of waves crashing is easy with the right pieces of surf decor available today.

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What a terrific article. A room decorated as you have described it would be great fun!

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