Monday, June 7, 2010

Go Tropical This Summer With Hawaiian Surf Bedding

Searching for a fun and cool change for your bedroom? Craving a splash of color and a unique sense of style? It sounds like tropical bedding, available in so many different colors and patterns, is the perfect choice for your new look.

Almost anything goes when it comes to this kind of bedding, as long as it is bright, colorful, and full of leaves and big flowers. One of the most popularly recognized Hawaiian flowers is the beautiful Hibiscus, which comes in sunny yellow, subtle pink, and lipstick red, as well as other pretty shades and with its over-sized petals, makes a perfect choice to print on sheets. Manufacturers like to use it in their bedding because it is found in tropical, hot places so it reminds customers of their favorite time of year: vacation.

Palm trees can also be spotted in abundance grazing the tops of these sheets, as can aloe leaves, which are dark green and very shiny. Certain fruits that are associated with the hot weather and the tropics can also be found, like the delicious and juicy pineapple, coconut and mango. Just thinking of them can make your mouth water!

When people think Hawaii, they tend to think beaches. tropical bedding collection can also be known to have pictures of the sea, sunsets and sunrises, surf boards, and lots of sand. Of course, anything that reminds you of vacation is fair game, so images can range from frosty lemonade glasses with little umbrellas sticking out to sunglasses and beach balls.

Like the pictures set on the tropical bedding collection, the colors that they are printed in will also generally be fun and light colors. The name of the game with Hawaii is cheerful, happy, good times, so these blankets and sheets are usually printed in bright, eye-catching blues and pinks or summer-perfect yellows and greens. It would probably be very hard to find these kind of sheets in a somber black and gray pattern or muted tan and gold.

Of course, all quality sheets must be a good fit for your bed and should be comfortable to the touch. If you can spare the expense, you might want to consider buying a high thread count type of sheet; the more threads that go into making a sheet, the softer, more appealing feel it has.

When beginning your search for the tropical bedding sets of your dreams, the internet is a great place to start. There are websites that specialize in only this type of bedding, so they can be sure to offer you the most variety and the best deals. Try a shade that is slightly different from your existing room for a fun twist or pick one that matches for a more stream-lined look. If you want to be really coordinated, go all out and find a trash can that looks like a coconut and a lamp with a palm tree shade. You can even tie in your paint colors with shades of blue like the ocean.

Complete your beach decor by incorporating island inspired bedding into your home. When you put Hawaiian bedding on your bed, you are gearing yourself up for a dreamy, relaxing sleep.

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