Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Capturing A Memory With Seashell Bedding

There is nothing more relaxing than getting into a bed that has beautiful sheets and pillowcases. These give one the anticipation of an excellent night's sleep with sweet dreams. Having seashell bedding makes this linen extra special, giving one the feeling of being near the ocean. This is especially appreciated by people who have had the pleasure of spending time in such a location. It often brings back happy memories of times gone by.

When one is on the beach they see the white sand stretching out before them. This has been captured by the manufacturers of these linens. The printed ones have a white background that is embellished with beautiful seashells, seaweed, coral and other items which stand out in all their glory. Some families use this linen as a learning experience, making a game of identifying the different shells and their location in the world.

There are a number of types of seashell bedding available. One might prefer the type that has shells embroidered on the pillowcases and on the trim of the sheets. These are done by the finest designers and artisans to produce something that is striking to behold. Only the finest embroidery thread is used and, many times, the work has been done by hand which makes it above the average, machine embroidery.

One will find that the better quality of this type of linen is outstanding. It may consist of imported cotton with a high thread count which produces linen that feels like silk when one is lying in bed. This gives a feeling of relaxation as well as enjoying only the very best in luxury.

Also on the market are beautiful comforters with seashells and other things of the ocean imprinted on them. These comforters come in many different colors so it is very easy to choose one that will complete one's decorating scheme for the bedroom. Having light green walls and a comforter that reflects those colors against a white or ivory background presents and outstanding scene.

These comforters are available in a number of colors so it is easy to pick up any shade desired. This makes it very simple to choose other decorative things to pull the whole idea together. Many home decorators have found this an ideal way to complete the impression they wish to convey.

In addition to bed sheets, pillowcases and comforters one can also purchase a bed-skirt and shams. This bedding is all available in Full, Queen or King sizes, which makes them available for anyone's bed. As a rule, shams will be printed the same as the comforter and the bed-skirt will have a contrasting design.

Nothing reveals a person's ability for fashion and detail than the decorating of their home. Having things in harmony, reveals not only one's personal ideals and things that are important to them, but shows the ability to produce something beautiful and outstanding that is different from the ordinary. Using beach decor in your bedroom is an outstanding way to put one's individual detail in action. Seashell bedding will make the scene complete.


Love of the Sea said...

Where can I get this quilt set? I love it!!

Rebecca M. said...

Check out for both of these designs.