Thursday, July 8, 2010

Totally Radical Surf Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

If you want a fun and unique look for your bedroom, then you might want to consider surf decor for your new theme. This is a fresh, colorful way to add a lot of life and excitement to an otherwise dull and boring area.

There is no one way to decorate a room in this type of theme because there are so many different factors and details that can be changed or altered according to personal taste. No one personality is more suited for this look than another one and totally different types of people could really enjoy this look, each with their own personal twist on it.

The first type of look for this decor is for someone who is very manly and enjoys the beach in a masculine type of way. The main color for a room like this is blue, with dark blue walls to represent the sea and even a blue carpet or rug to match.

There are multiple ways to enhance this room and for this kind of look. The best choices are probably pictures of surfers on the walls or even an actual surfboard hanging up, as well as photographs of scary sharks with their mouths open and large teeth showing.

An extremely different way to take this look is for a feminine, delicate girl who wants a surf decor theme for her bedroom. She can paint her walls in varying shades of pink and purple, with Hawaiian flowers in all different colors as decorations to the look.

A nice effect for her centerpiece would be a lamp that is shaped like a palm tree sitting on her desk and photographs of the sunset at the beach can be placed strategically all over the room as well.

For either a boy or girl that absolutely loves surfing and does not care much for the color of their room, choose accents that are shaped like surfboards for a cool look. There are small and large rugs, signs to hang on the door, and even surfboard ceiling fans that come in all different colors. There are even beds made in this shape!

There are also Hawaiian girl lamps, where the stand of the piece looks like a hula girl, hula hoops that might look nice hanging from the wall, and grass skirts that can be placed around the room to add to the feeling.

You cannot forget the natural surf look, either. This type of decoration is focused on natural, wooden pieces, such as unfinished wood beds and desks and bamboo decorations. The photographs around the room can be ones of wrecked ships, tiki huts, and lots of plants and greenery.

With the number of ways and directions that surf decor and beach decor can take, the sheer amount of personality types that would feel comfortable decorating their room like this is amazing. By simply going on the internet and looking around a little bit, you will definitely be able to find bedding, curtains, carpeting, and enhancements that will make a bedroom like this feel your own, even if you would never have imagined it. You never know what you will find until you start to look.

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