Thursday, July 8, 2010

Decorating With Nautical Bedding - Not Just For Yachts Anymore

Decorating with nautical bedding is full of possibilities. There are really no limits to the colors and styles you may choose. Blues and greens are often though of as the primary colors for this style of decorating. However, many other colors lend itself to this style as well. One may choose to use reds, browns, and even white. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Take into consideration the atmosphere you wish to create when choosing a color palette. Peace and calm are created when using blues and greens. White will add drama to the space. Red lends itself to feelings of excitement and aggression. If insomnia is a common problem you may wish to eliminate the use of red or use it in very limited amounts.

The common theme thought of where nautical bedding is concerned is lighthouses. However, many other themes are included in this genre of decor as well. Some of them are, sailing, beach scenes, or the tropics. Any one of these choices will give you your primary color scheme. Your accents are then chosen from there. Your accents may include furniture, artwork, and accessories.

You have chosen your primary color scheme, now you should decide on how much of the theme you wish to include in the space. If a lighthouse theme has been chosen, are you going to include that theme on the bedding? You may just want the lighthouses to be added through your accessories. If you included your theme in both, will it be too cluttered for the space? These are all things to consider when decorating with nautical bedding.

The tropics as a theme will allow you a wide variety of colors to choose from. Some of these choices may include oranges, pinks, yellows and even purples. When you take that tropical vacation in your mind what do you envision? Maybe you have been to the tropics and you have seen the boldness of the colors you wish to explore in your decorating. Any one of the colors you think of in this palette are a good jumping off point for your space.

Whether it be tropical, sailing, beach scenes or lighthouses, accenting with wood is a marvelous choice. Sailboats often times will have that warm honey colored wood. Using a clean crisp whitewashed wood for a beach scene is a great choice. The deep richness of the mahogany colored wood for the tropical decor theme will lend warmth against the cooler colors in the palette.

Many times the bedrooms is not just for resting any longer. The room may play host to other activities such as office space, entertainment area, reading space etc. If this is the case, take the alternate activities into consideration when choosing your colors, the saturation of accessories and the accent woods you use. Reading in a room that is busy with color and accessories may cause disruption in that much needed down time. If your office is somewhat cluttered, having to many items in the mix of the office clutter may cause anxiety. Regardless of the other functions, keep in mind your need for rest. Your color palette and theme choice should be one that allows your mind and body to rest.

Your nautical decor does not have to be limited as one may think. Possibilities are endless when you allow your creativity to spur you to design. If decorating with this style causes some anxiety, start out small. Begin by using the color palette and then move on to adding a theme through accessories. Choosing a less bold statement in your bedding may allow you to decide if decorating with nautical bedding is really for you. Adventures wait, however, when you decorate with the seas in mind.

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