Friday, July 9, 2010

Nautical Decor: Bring Summer Into Your House

If you look around your house and know that it is time for a change, but are not sure what to do next, then consider nautical decor. This fresh and eye-catching look will gain your friends' admiration and bring its clean lines and refreshing color to your life.

Customarily, the two main nautical colors are a pure, bright shade of white and dark, beautiful navy blue that are accented by little bit of bright, sparkling gold here and there. The disparity between these colors looks stunning as they play off of each other, not over-powering the room or overwhelming with their intensity, but simply charming with a pleasant vividness.

Another reason that this look is so pleasing to the eye is because it is refreshing with its straight, parallel lines. People like to see balance and structure in design and especially finding patterns is comforting to guests sitting in the room, whether they realize it or it is an unconscious vibe they pick up from the theme.

This type of decoration is mostly set with one line on top of the other, blue and white, and blue and white, so the repetition brings a nice feel and a sense of relaxation and security.

There is a strong connection of this kind of decor with the feelings of the beach because that is the basis for this look. Your home will remind visitors of the last time they relaxed by the ocean, lying on a chair tanning in the hot rays of the sun, with their feet dug firmly into the warm sand and the seagulls crowing in the background as the waves moved in and out.

This association will be enough to make the stress fall from their shoulders as they sit comfortably back in your furniture and feel relaxed once again, as they did by the sea.

You can do a lot of fun and cute things with these furnishings as well. Anything related to the ocean will work here, so a gold anchor hanging on your wall might be nice, as well as a clock decorated with seashells and pictures of the shore.

An abundance of creatures and animals are also associated with the shore and would fit into your theme, such as crabs, oysters, and lobsters, as well as pictures of fish in all different types and colors. If you are really getting into it, then add a live fish tank for an awesome and classy enhancement to your cool theme.

You also might think of putting some birds into your room, as they are also found in abundance by the sea. Paintings of different types and species of birds could be a beautiful way to enrich a room that is basically solid blue and white, from the walls through the furniture, and will add interest to your look. If you are not into fish, but like real birds, you also might want to put in a bird cage and take care of real one.

A nautical decor can be a lot of fun to work with because the possibilities are truly endless and the end result is unusually stunning and sophisticated. Especially if you are thinking of redecorating your home with coastal decor, this is a great idea to consider that will please all who enter your home.

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