Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Decorating Ideas To Incorporate Nautical Bedding In Your Room

Nautical bedding is the perfect choice for anyone hoping to style their bedroom with an ocean-like theme. Sometimes trips or vacations will inspire many people to recreate the feel of tropical blue oceans in their design. In addition, white rattan furnishings can provide the additional beach setting flavor one is hoping to achieve. Bedding is usually the focal point in sleeping areas so its theme is crucial. Complimentary window treatments will enhance the total effect.

Selecting nautical theme decor brings a crisp freshness to any bedroom. Retreat-like settings can be achieved with coastal motifs and wave-like patterns stitched with the colors and patterns of the sea. A peaceful environment can be created with the addition of sheets, pillows, duvets, etc., which allude to tropical islands and beautiful, sandy beaches. Sailing away into the sea of sleep is a breeze when snuggled up in sheets and bedding reminiscent of these settings. A power nap or a mere moment to relax and escape from reality would be facilitated in this type of tranquil environment.

When accented with pieces suggestive of travel around the world, bedrooms and guest rooms take on an exotic essence. Sea-shell and sea-foam colors lend a refreshing feel. A room can attain a refreshing atmosphere with the addition of sea-shell and sea-foam hues. Only a few alterations can create the feel of a vacation in an island paradise. The latest technological advances allow for photos to be printed on material; so, printing photos of vacations by the sea on bedding makes a unique and distinctive collage that would be interesting as well as comforting.

Stunning quilts can be made from patches of material printed with beach-signage, patterns of the coast, life-guard posts, or a collage of shells and coral. The relaxing decor one is looking for can be easily achieved when using suggestions of the seacoast as the theme. Those relaxing days at the shore can be experienced at home home when using a nautical stripe or surfing motif to bring focus to a room.

The feel of a tropical oasis can be created in a bedroom when bedding is shaded with blues and soft pastels. A set of new sheets, a duvet, and pillow shams with sea coast themes can take the imagination to far away resorts. It would be easy to imagine sunlit shores, soft breezes, and lush, green tropical forests with the addition of new pillows and bed coverings printed with these themes. Printed sheets portraying sandy dunes, swaying palm trees and glistening waters are only a few of the possible selections.

Bedrooms for children can be styled with nautical items to create a play time at the ocean where imaginations soar off to faraway lands in fanciful pirate ships and deep sea treasure hunts. Materials which display a star motif, striped sheets, or wave and anchor prints provide seaworthy backgrounds for an adventuring youngster on the imaginary ocean. Comfortable sleeping areas by night can evolve into exciting play areas by day when patchwork quilts and duvet covers are made from material depicting sailing boats, pirate ships and treasure chests.

A variety of sea-like shapes can be adapted into pillows, cushions or pillow coverings. Pointers that really turn can be sewn onto a compass-shaped pillow. A steering wheel, a pirate hat, and a variety of nautical play tools can become the stuff a child dreams of using in their pretend adventures. A duck, a whale or a set of waves shaped into cushions can be the very things that hours of play and dreams are made of.

When nautical bedding is the right choice, it can conjure up feelings of being on a luxury ocean liner cruise. Similarly, when the right accessories are added to the mix, an ordinary beach decor bedroom can become a virtual oasis of memories and dreams of the tropics, the beach, or a night on the moonlit sea.

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