Wednesday, September 22, 2010

5 Tips To Charm Up Your Bathroom With Nautical Decor

The bathroom is one of the busiest places in the home and a perfect setting for some nautical decor. You can turn an ordinary bathroom into a charming one with a few simple pieces strategically placed. Whether you are redoing the whole room or just redecorating, here are a few ideas to help you get started.

1. A total do-over of a bathroom is not as difficult as it sounds. A simple yet effective way to add a unique touch to the room is to place ledges on the walls about six to eight inches apart. The ledges only have to be wide enough to make room for some decorative items like sea shells, star fish, and rocks. If you don't have room for ledges the length of the walls, choose a few places to add two or three for the same effect. Paint the walls in a sea green color to accent the decor you have placed on the ledges.

2. A nostalgic cottage theme would add charm using nautical decorative items. White washed walls or shelves and cabinets is the base of the cottage charm. Adding a few simple small pails in metal and decorated in a nautical theme will add to the look. Place them on shelves or even on the counter and use to hold things. Real shells or a ceramic one can be used to accessorize and as a soap dish. Complete the look with a wooden beach sign on the wall.

3. When redoing the bathroom isn't possible, you can still have a nautical bathroom with just a few little touches. The easiest way to begin is with some towels. They can be found in a variety of colors with seagulls, lighthouses, rocks, and anchors on them. These are perfect even if just used for decorations.

4. A shower curtain is a perfect way to add color and the right decorative touch to the room. These can be printed with ocean designs on them or they can simple with stripes or a solid color in ocean blues and greens or even neutrals. Throwing a bath rug on the floor can also add a touch of color and these are found in nautical patterns also.

5. Other things that can pull a room together are things such as a treasure chest to use for your towels. This can be in wood or wicker. A miniature ship or lighthouse would look perfect on a shelf with some shells or rocks around it. Depending on wall space is available, a nautical wheel, buoy or even some fishing net decorated would be a perfect touch.

Nautical decor is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. The versatility of this theme can lean towards a more masculine look or a feminine one, suitable for anyone's bathroom. The accessories and decorative items may be whimsical and fun to use as well as some elegant and classical pieces. And, when this theme is chosen you can be sure it will never go out of style.

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