Saturday, September 25, 2010

Design A Perfect Escape With Hawaiian Bedding

There is nothing more exciting than going on an exotic vacation to Hawaii. As much as you would love to stay  forever, it is probably just not possible. However, you can bring the islands home with you through a bedroom makeover. Create the look and feel of Hawaii in your home with special accents like shells, art, and Hawaiian bedding.

You might want to limit your tropical home makeover to just your bedroom or you could extend it throughout the house. Look for special souvenirs in Hawaii that you can bring home to commemorate your trip. Then you can spread them from room to room or in one special space such as your bedroom.

When making over a bedroom, start by taking a close look at your walls. Consider adding wall paper or a new paint color. Soft ocean blues or neutral sand tones are good choices for paint. You could also use a sponge to give more texture to the walls and create movement similar to the constant ebb and flow of the ocean waves.

Make sure you choose bright tropical bedding that reminds you of Hawaii's tropical landscapes. You could use a graphic floral print or a subtle ocean life pattern. Whatever you choose, make sure that it gives you the calming effect that you experienced on your trip to the islands. You should also make sure it doesn't clash with the wall color.

Add art to your walls by hanging photographs from your trip to the islands. You could have them enlarged or printed in black and white to change the look. Hang them in groupings to create a display of art work that you created on your own. Another idea would be to hang shadow boxes full of souvenirs.

You could display postcards, dried flowers, or special shells that remind you of your trip to Hawaii. Some people collect shells as they walk by the ocean and if that is something you enjoy, display your collection is a set of glass jars or vases. You could also hang posters displaying Hawaiian landscape.

Remember to add simple touches like window treatments to bring the design together. Each special touch will make your tropical decor more welcoming and inviting. From rugs to curtains to Hawaiian bedding, each aspect of the room should remind you of an exotic vacation. As the room comes together, you will feel like you have stepped into a time machine and have the chance to visit Hawaii everyday when you come home.

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