Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tropical Bathroom Decor From Top To Bottom

Bathroom makeovers need not be difficult or expensive. A stylish and easy choice that will turn your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary is tropical bathroom decor.

The following articles covers redecorating an entire bathroom. It is not necessary to do the entire thing. If you would just like to take one or two of the ideas, it is up to you and will look fine.

The color scheme is the most important first step involved in creating the tropical feel. It is a good idea to collect some pictures of tropical scenes and settle on a color scheme from one of the photos. Painting the walls and ceiling should be done with a light tone like a sky blue or a textured pale coral. The first will create a light and open feel while the second will create the feel of being in a beach resort.

This is a good theme to choose if you have always wanted a mural. If it is properly placed and well done, it can add to the appeal of the room. Do not attempt to do this if you are not comfortable with painting however as it can become messy and a bad job will ruin the wall forcing you to have to start again.

Have no fear of old mismatching tile. They can be painted. Start with a very clean and dry surface, apply a primer, let dry, and apply a waterproof paint. Your local hardware store should be able to help you choose one that will stand up in the moisture in your bathroom.

And so the fun part begins, accessorizing! This is really what will bring out the tropical feeling in the room. If you are on a budget, do not be afraid to scour yard sales, thrift stores, dollar stores, and discount stores. All these places have great items for cheap and no one will be the wiser.

It is also important to note that accessories do not need to match in pattern. In fact, they probably shouldn't for fear of boredom. As long as they fit the theme and the color scheme, they will be fine.

In this case, the shower curtain should be either clear, sheer, or similar to the overall color of the room. You may be tempted by the variety of brightly colored curtains covered in birds or fish, but try to pass. These will make the room more tacky than relaxing. The room should contain color, yes, but keep it reserved for the smaller accessories instead.

Look for wicker baskets for holding items, laundry, and waste. Weathered wooden furniture will also do and bring some authenticity to the bathroom. Towels and cloths can be kept white for this theme or can bring in bursts of color if desired.

Another important feature to the coastal decor is artwork. For this theme, the art should contain brightly colored tropical objects like birds or fish. They will give the bathroom a bit of pop.

Finally, the most important feature for this theme, palm fronds. They will put a brilliant final touch to the theme whether artificial or real. Either will do as long as they are lush and large.

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