Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Classy Nautical Bathroom Decor

When people hear the words, nautical bathroom decor, they probably think about a ship's wheel made into a mirror and a large lighthouse used as a toilet paper holder. These images are from a long time ago for today a bathroom that is decorated with scenes from the waters edge and more sandy beaches, seashells, palm trees and seagulls. Everything has a matching shower curtain, toilet seat, hand towel and soap dish in matching colors and styles, all more modern than the traditional boat wheel and lighthouse.

Most people, when they enter into a restroom, will see the shower curtain first and this is where someone who wants to redecorate their room should begin. A muted tan or beige would work well with light yellows and sandy beach browns and a design of a seashore and perhaps a beach house on the shower curtain so that it is not too 'beachy'. A light colored fish or seagull liquid soap dispenser and a brown or light yellow toilet seat cover would complete the look.

Fish, not the ugly real trout, but the whimsical, hand-drawn style are in style and would look nice floating along a pale yellow or light pink shower curtain in a child's powder room. What would finish off this type of room for a child would be a fish tank style toilet seat. It's made of acrylic and resembles a real fish tank with fish floating along inside the seat and lid as well as foliage, but nothing is real and one could see if the toilet needs cleaning or not without lifting the lid.

A restroom with a beach or seaside theme is popular with the seashells right now. These seashells are not overdone, just here and there, gently falling down a cream colored shower curtain or in different shapes as the curtain rod hooks to hold up the shower curtain. Decorations in the shape of seashells are also popular such as a mirror with seashells covering the rim or a tissue box in the shape of a seashell. A family could collect seashells on their next beach vacation and scatter them around the back of the toilet and as a centerpiece us a very large seashell or the tissue box. Another craft idea is to tie seashells together with a thin rope and tieback the shower curtain drapes.

Along with seashells, palm trees are now very popular and considered part of the seascape. A large palm tree could be a towel holder or robe rack and a small palm tree could be a toothbrush holder. Either one large palm tree or several small trees could decorate a tan shower curtain and some could be beaded for something extra. Various shades of greens and browns for a truer to life palm tree would be more 'real' however some people like their beach scenes to be more cartoon so the palm trees would be various colors.

A rug is another item that catches a person eye the first thing when they come into a room and there are a lot of bathmats that match the shower curtains and other items to help bring the decorations full circle. The bathmats are water absorbent and will help when someone steps out of the shower full of water. They come in shapes such as a seashell, a fish or seagull and many others. The colors are endless to match the rest of the room.

Colors in a restroom for a beach theme are typically sandy browns and tans, light yellows, sunny yellows, sea foam greens, sky blues and white which represent the white caps in the blue waters. Matching colors or mixing them can be fun in addition to having a big impact on whatever decorations an individual chooses for their main focal point. For example, if someone chooses a colorful fish and then goes with sunny yellow and sandy tan for towels and carpeting, this would tie everything together nicely.

Not always fishy, nautical decor could mean a variety of things and not necessarily the old skipper's boat wheel or the lighthouse either. There are hundreds of different ways to dress up a restroom that represents the beach or seashore to make a room look natural, modern and welcoming to guests and those who live there and use it everyday. With most of the items, they can be rearranged and placed in a different order and make it look as if the room has been made new again in many instances without spending a lot of money.

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